New video potentially demonstrates photo sharing in Windows 8

New video potentially demonstrates photo sharing in Windows 8

We told you to expect more Windows 8 news to trickle out as the BUILD conference approaches, and we were right.

Today’s tasty Windows 8 morsel comes from WinRumors, who found, watched, and excised a very interesting 20 second clip that appears to detail how photo sharing will work in Windows 8. While that might sound dull on the face of it, the video shows off a new user interface, and also features complex voice commands.

In other words, it contains pieces of the Windows 8 puzzle that are still, for now, mostly occluded.

The clip itself came from Microsoft’s TellME (hence the voice connection) group at the SpeechTEK 2011 event. TellMe-like functionality has already found a home in Windows Phone. Microsoft appears determined to build in speech recognition into all its consumer-facing products. ZDNet calls this move by Microsoft a ‘big bet.’

Watch the video, and we’ll circle back right after:

Pretty, yeah? We aren’t sure how ‘demo’ that was as compared to being functional software, but it felt a bit vaporware-esque if we have to be honest. Still, at a minimum, it shows what Microsoft wants to do.

One last note: The hardware in the clip was obviously a pure tablet device (and a wafer thin one at that), showing that yes, Microsoft has yet to give up on slates in favor of convertibles or other form factor compromises. That bodes well.

Correction: This was initially spotted by @manan here.

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