Microsoft demos coming Twitter and LinkedIn integration for WP7

Microsoft demos coming Twitter and LinkedIn integration for WP7

When we got our hands onto a Windows Phone 7 handset that had the coming Mango update installed, the first thing that we wanted to try was the new Twitter integration into the People Hub.

We couldn’t, as the company had disabled that part of the new operating system, likely due to that section of the software simply not being ready for use. Still, it was a disappointment. However, happily, today the company has released a new video that demonstrates and outlines much of the forthcoming Twitter and LinkedIn integration into the People Hub.

We’ll be more comfortable to call the issue once we get it into our hands, but from what the video contains, it appears that the feature will be worth the wait. This is especially true when you contemplate how weak the official Twitter application for Windows Phone 7 is.

Check out the clip:

Of course, this is only one piece of Mango, but it is one that the company is touting as it fits into the ‘get in, get out’ strategy that the phone is taking, pushing the line that it is ‘the phone to save us from our phones.’ Assuming that this new Twitter and LinkedIn integration works as promised, it could save casual users of both social networks time in checking them for updates, getting them ‘back out’ in less time than would be required if they used separate applications.

If you haven’t, be sure and read our hands on report on Mango here.

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