Microsoft wants Samsung to pay it $15 for each Android handset

Microsoft wants Samsung to pay it $15 for each Android handset

Microsoft is reportedly pressuring Samsung to enter a patent licensing agreement where the Korean-based vendor would pay $15 for each Android smartphone it makes, Reuters reports.

Samsung is reportedly looking to lower the payment to $10 per handset in exchange for an alliance which would have the company benefit from the creation of new Windows Phone devices. If agreed, the deal would see Samsung not only join rivals HTC in an agreement, but would also add to the four smaller vendors which signed deals with Microsoft in the space of nine days

Microsoft has leveraged its intellectual property rights in recent weeks, utilising its IP licensing program to extend rights to smartphone vendors. The Redmond-based company has entered into over 700 licensing agreements, helping the company profit directly from rival platforms.

Samsung may successfully negotiate a lower fee with Microsoft as it has existing ties with the company, having produced Windows Phone handsets from launch.

With Samsung producing 19 million smartphones in the last quarter, a large majority of which were Android handsets, Microsoft is set for a multi-million dollar influx as a result of the deal with it likely that payments will be made on devices already released by the company.

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