Microsoft explains Windows Phone’s Mango update [Video]

Microsoft explains Windows Phone’s Mango update [Video]

It’s been a massive day in the world of Microsoft, with the company unleashing a crop of details on the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 to the world.

Love or hate what Microsoft has done so far with Windows Phone, Mango might give you reason to pause and rethink your current opinions. If you want a granular look at what Microsoft unveiled today, check back through the TNWmicrosoft archives; what we are bringing right you now is different.

In the following two videos, Microsoft makes its pitch for Mango in a short trailer, and in a lengthy, in-depth walk through. If you have ten minutes, the second video is well worth the time. But if you just want a short overview of what Mango is going to change on the WP7 platform, the first video is for you.

What do we like? Bing Vision looks useful, if a bit ‘after’ in regards to Google Goggles. What Mango feels like is what Windows Phone 7 should have been when it came out, not nearly a year later. Still, with this stack of upgrades, and with nothing too groundbreaking on the horizon from iOS or Android (nothing that is not incremental), Mango might sustain the nascent WP platform through another holiday season.

And with a few new OEMs and Nokia coming online with Mango, perhaps the last few months have only been a warm up for Windows Phone. Then again, how long until the platform stops being purely potential, and actually starts to move units?

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