New details of the Windows Store have leaked

New details of the Windows Store have leaked

TNW Quick Hit:

New details of the forthcoming Windows Store have leaked, giving new view into the much rumored and hyped product that is roughly the Windows 8 app store.

The new information comes via the Windows8Italia blog:

  • Will support the purchase of goods and services from directly within applications.
  • You can install trial applications and then decide whether to switch to the full version at a later time.
  • Users can vote and review applications. Each comment can be rated by other users.
  • Users can send reports of problems to the developers of the application in question.
  • You obviously can search applications and filter the results by price or category.
  • List of enhancements in the latest versions (change log)

For each application, the following information will be provided:

  • Minimum system requirements
  • End-user license
  • Feature requests (Webcam, GPS …)
  • Category and description
  • Application functionality
  • Content classification
  • Screenshots
  • Links to support forums
  • Types of supported architectures (x 86, x 64, ARM or neutral)

News of the Windows Store broke over the weekend. There has been much past hype over an application store for Windows 8, but many early ‘screenshots’ were fraudulent.

Application stores have become popular across both desktop and mobile computing environments, as consumers have become increasingly savvy and willing to shell out cash for individual programs delivered digitally.

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