Kinect sales top 10 million units

Kinect sales top 10 million units

TNW Quick Hit:

Microsoft has announced that it has sold its 10 millionth Kinect device. Even more, in the same announcement the Redmond giant revealed that some 10 million standalone Kinect games have also been sold.

The Kinect is the fastest selling consumer gadget of all time. The Kinect sold 1 million units in 10 days, and 8 million in 60. Now with some 10 million units sold, Microsoft has created a brand new product segment in the world of consumer entertainment.

The Guinness World Records crew have certified the fact that the Kinect sold an average of 133,333 units daily for its first 60 days on the market.

Microsoft recently promised that more ‘core’ Kinect games were on the way. The Kinect has been a hit with more than just regular consumers, but has also developed a large hacking community, something that Microsoft has encouraged.

How long until the Kinect has sold another 10 million units? Leave your guess in the comments.

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