Flickr launches official Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 apps

Flickr launches official Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 apps

Back in January, Flickr teased that it was developing dedicated applications for Windows Phone 7 smartphones and Windows 7 tablet devices – today they have officially launched.

The new apps offer many of the Flickr features you have come to know and love, optimising the experience on touch-screen devices to help users upload, view and share their photos.

The Windows Phone 7 app is available via the Zune Marketplace, whilst the Windows 7 tablet application is available to download via the Flickr website. The Windows 7 application is only compatible with touch-screen Windows 7 devices, meaning users of the very limited Windows 7 PC’s there are in existence and Windows 7 tablet computers will be able to take advantage of the app.

The app features:

  • Fully optimized for brilliant hi-resolution display. Tap on a photo to bring up a full-screen lightbox view and zoom in to enlarge and get close up on details in a photo. You’ll be able to access your photos in their original resolution, right from your mobile device!
  • On Windows 7 Slate devices, we’re introducing “Context View”, a whole new way to get the full story behind a photo and discover new and relevant content. Zoom out from a photo in lightbox view and get more information such as other photos in the set, group, from a contact or nearby on a map.
  • Geo-location capabilities display your photos on an interactive, full-screen map. Also view nearby geo-tagged photos from the Flickr community on the map as well for a slightly different view of the world around you.
  • Easily share photos to your friends from your mobile device directly to Flickr and also from Facebook, Twitter or email!

Flickr also released a video to demonstrate its apps:

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