Internet Explorer Mobile 9 likely coming to Windows Phone 7 this year

Internet Explorer Mobile 9 likely coming to Windows Phone 7 this year

According to reports, Microsoft is on the warpath to upgrade the browsing capabilities of its new mobile line. The Redmond giant is planning to roll out a mobile version of its yet forthcoming Internet Explorer 9 to the mobile platform in the future ‘Mango’ update.

Currently, Windows Phone 7 runs a variant of Internet Explorer Mobile 7, which is a capable enough browser, but not up the spec that Microsoft desires.

Why not? Because Microsoft wants HTML5 capability on its mobile phones, and Internet Explorer 7 is never going to pass that cut. In effect, the browser has to be changed because to its core it won’t do what Microsoft wants it to.

The same source claims that the ‘Mango’ update is still coming late this year, in time for the holidays, in keeping with what has been reported for some time. However, after watching the first minor update to Windows Phone 7 see so many delays and setbacks, that it’s hard to get to set on a date or time frame for Mango. Still, the 2011 calendar year has more than enough space to let delays run rampant and still have Mango hit release before we start labeling paper with a 12.

In other news, the release candidate of the full-sized Internet Explorer 9 came out today, and if you haven’t played with it you are behind. You can download it here.

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