Is Windows 8 going on sale in January 2013?

Is Windows 8 going on sale in January 2013?

Usually when it comes to the unsubstantiated, but perhaps reliable rumor mill, Apple products lead the charge. Not today however, there is a pile of juicy Microsoft tips just for you.

According to, a source that has been partially reliable in the past, we have new leaks that center around the release of Windows 8 and the coming service packs for Windows 7.

To quote:

“Service Pack 2 is already actively underway since the autumn of 2010, and if all goes according to plan then the appearance of a second service pack, Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 is expected in mid-2012.”

“Windows 8 is scheduled for the very end of 2012, so it really can be called: Microsoft Windows 2012 Apocalypse Edition, at least the server version will be named as Windows Server 2012.”

“[…] according to our information, Microsoft will plan to begin selling boxed retail versions of Microsoft Windows on Monday January 7, 2013.”

Now, we know that that was a mouthful, so let us bring in some context. The Windows 8 sale date is earlier than anyone anticipated, if it is true. That will put a quick end-of-life tag on Windows 7, an operating system that is still growing quickly due to its high quality.

The Service Pack 2 information is interesting as past the current forthcoming SP1 Microsoft has been mostly reticent on just what its plans are. Of course, what we want to know is what the service pack will contain, not just when it may or may not be coming out, but we’ll take some information over nothing.

Now, given how loosey-goosey this information is, there may be a few of you reading who are disgruntled over such speculation. If so, please consider how interesting it is that Microsoft products are now held (again) in enough regard that people care about when they are coming out in the future. Apple no longer controls the press as it once did.

We have of course reached out to Microsoft and are awaiting a comment telling us to gently go away as they will not comment on rumor and speculation, which is exactly what this post is.

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