The Dell Venue Pro: $149.99 in two weeks

The Dell Venue Pro: $149.99 in two weeks

Dell may be late to the Windows Phone 7 party, but at least they are talking (at long last) about just when their much-anticipated Venue Pro smart phone will be coming out. The verdict: the 14th of December.

Dell put up a page on the phone on the phone, took it down, and has now put it back up online. It seems, so far as we can tell, that you can now order a Venue Pro if that would tickle your fancy. According to an Engadget poll, the Venue Pro is one of the most anticipated WP7 handsets.

This is the page that is currently live (in case it goes down again):

If you look carefully there is a very interesting price on the Venue Pro, and we are not talking about that $499.99 unsubsidized cost, look lower. That’s right folks, the Venue Pro with contract will cost you a mere $149.99.

While that is more expensive than other WP7 handsets that are currently in the market, it is still cheaper than perhaps was expected. You can check out the live page on Dell’s website here.

On the launch day of Windows Phone 7 here in the US, there were a very few Venue Pros for sale at physical Microsoft stores around the country that sold out quickly. Dell is surely hoping that a similar sales rush accompanies the now formal launch of the phone.

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