No Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 In 2010

No Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 In 2010

This may make you sad, but there is nearly no chance that Windows Phone 7 users will be able to enjoy some Angry Birds fun on their phones this year.

Despite previous rumors to the contrary, we have confirmed that indeed Windows Phone 7 will not get the app. How do we know? @RovioMobile (the developer of Angry Birds) told someone that, in regards to Angry Birds on WP7, that it will be out “not this year, [as it] takes a lot of work to do WP7.”

We wanted to make sure that this was the case, so we asked for confirmation:

And there you have it Windows Phone 7 fans, no Angry Birds coming before Christmas. Of course, expect this app to take over the app Marketplace when it does come out.

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