New Hotmail Coming To Your Inbox

New Hotmail Coming To Your Inbox

Microsoft seems to be on a roll.

With Kinect and a new Xbox 360 yesterday, the new Office 2010 hitting retail shelves today, Microsoft says they’ve started roll out of the new Hotmail.

Microsoft listed the new features and showed us a preview of the new Hotmail a few weeks back. Taking note of one of the biggest complaints against Hotmail, the auto inserted promotional messages known as taglines have been removed as well.

The new Hotmail is being rolled out gradually and don’t be alarmed if you don’t have it yet. The new features and interface changes such as Sweep and Quick View sure sound interesting. Part of the Windows Live suite – Messenger and Mail will be having better integration with Hotmail.

Hotmail has come a long way and Microsoft has indeed improved it with this release. While the Oatmeal guys might not consider it cool enough, you can give it a spin to decide for yourself.

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