Two Single-Click Troubleshooting Utilities For Windows

Two Single-Click Troubleshooting Utilities For Windows

fixit-fixwinWe often install several programs on our PCs that create and edit multiple registry key entries or shell files. A conflicting installation or a not-so-harmful trojan might make some changes that result in options being not accessible or programs not working.

Enthusiasts and Microsoft KB articles have for long provided solutions to such issues. Here are two utilities that will help you fix some common problems in a few clicks.

1. FixIt Solution Center:

Sometime back Microsoft started a project called FixIt that came out with small programs to fix some common Windows problems. The FixIt Solution Center was started as an online portal where you could download the troubleshooters for each of the errors listed. The team behind FixIt recently released the FixIt Center that gives you one click access to fix the errors. If the problem is listed all one needs to do is click ‘Run’ and FixIt Center will launch the troubleshooter. The program is in beta and quite stable. Screenshot:


Download Page (via Neowin)

2. FixWin

Enthusiasts have been providing such utilities for quite some time and one of the better one comes from Microsoft MVP duo – Anand Khanse and Ramesh Kumar. The utility is known as FixWin and is quite similar to FixIt. While both applications serve the same purpose, FixWin has a two distinct advantages:

  • No installation required
  • More fixes (50 according to the download page)



Note: Some fixes might need you to restart the PC.

Download Page

The solution and success rate of both these applications may vary but they sure make fixing common errors easy.

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