Disney reveals its Disney+ launch titles in the mother of all Twitter threads

Disney reveals its Disney+ launch titles in the mother of all Twitter threads
Credit: Walt Disney Company

Disney today revealed the titles its bringing to Disney+, its streaming service. And by “revealed,” we mean one-by-one, on Twitter — a drip-feed of over 300 movies and shows.

The reveal started with a rather ominous tweet that began, “It. Is. Time.” You’d be forgiven for thinking Disney had completely snapped and was ready to begin world domination. Instead it started a thread of truly epic proportions, with each title to be added to Disney+, fittingly starting with the progenitor of the whole Disney Princess schtick, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

After the dam broke, the flood of titles continued unabated for four hours, and featured some titles even I didn’t recognize. If you ever for a moment doubted that Disney owns everything under the rays of our yellow sun, check this thread.

We have the popular:

The not-so-popular but still recognizable:

Ranging to the more obscure:

Down to… wait, is this even real?

Y’all are just making shit up, aren’t you?

If you took a drink every time someone in the responses to these tweets uttered the words “childhood” or “nostalgia,” you’d be dead in under an hour.

All in all, Disney revealed a damned cavalcade of classics that’ll be available on Day One. If my word doesn’t convince you, check out Disney‘s trailer showing off most of its launch titles. It’s three goddamned hours long:

It also showed off some of its new titles that are coming to bolster the old favorites, including The MandalorianHigh School Musical: The Series, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

Disney+ is destined to survive on the strength and breadth of its back-catalog. Is the complete life works of Uncle Walt and his cult of personality enough to compete with the likes of Netflix? Well, that’s a matter of preference. But speaking strictly for myself, I know I’ll probably find more to watch from a quick recon of Disney+ than I will after hours of aimless browsing on Netflix.

Still, there are a few notable titles missing. The Avengers is absent, though that’s probably just an oversight — every other Marvel property is around. Up is also missing, in case you wanted to cry first thing upon logging in. The first National Treasure isn’t there, though its sequel is (both are particular guilty pleasures of mine). And of course Disney‘s deepest disgrace, Song of the South, is not here.

Frankly, seeing the company’s entire history laid out chronologically like this, I see plenty more that probably should have remained in the vault:

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