Watch now: The new Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ trailer has landed

Following the success of The Force Awakens that – among other achievements – became the highest-grossing film in the saga, Disney just released the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

Rogue One traces the struggles of a group of rebels on their quest to steal the plans for Death Star – the Empire’s powerful secret weapon.

Set before the events that unfold in A New Hope, Rogue One will be a spin-off and won’t significantly advance the main story that the trilogy explores. It will, however, take place in the Star Wars universe and introduce several new characters and storylines.

Felicity Jones will play the lead, taking the role of troubled rebel Jyn Erso. The movie will be directed by Gareth Edwards who’s previously worked on Monsters and Godzilla.

Rogue One is hitting the theatres in December.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer on YouTube

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