Twitch users are working together to help keep this Tamagotchi from 1997 alive

Twitch users are working together to help keep this Tamagotchi from 1997 alive

Twitch broadcaster Tamagotwitch is asking its users to come together and take care of a Tamagotchi in its latest version of Twitch Plays.

In the past, the Twitch Plays series has seen the streaming service have thousands of users simultaneously playing ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Pokemon.’ Both times it resulted in complete chaos but it was highly entertaining and enjoyable at the same time.

This time round, Twitch users will have to keep a ‘living’ pet alive. It will work by having a chat set up for everyone participating to use and every five seconds, the most popular button in the chat will be pressed.

It isn’t a Tamagotchi simulator either. The Twitch broadcaster has sourced an actual Tamagotchi from our childhoods (read: 1997) and connected it to a robotic finger, which will do the pressing every five seconds.


It’s probably been a while since most of us played with a Tamagotchi so luckily, Tamagotwitch has has also posted original instruction manual.

Credit: Twitch

The stream goes live today at 1pm EST so if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, head on over to Twitch and get chatting to keep the little guy (or girl) alive.

➤ Twitch Plays Tamagotchi [Twitch]

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