Hollywood’s worst nightmare just got worse, as Popcorn Time’s Android app gets Chromecast support

Hollywood’s worst nightmare just got worse, as Popcorn Time’s Android app gets Chromecast ...

Torrent-streaming platform Popcorn Time already has the movie industry quaking in its proverbial boots, with a cross-platform service that streams video content via torrents in real-time. It’s like Netflix, except its peer-to-peer (P2P), offers infinitely more content, and has very questionable legality. But with its latest update, things are being pushed to the next level.

Last week, you may recall that Popcorn Time’s Windows app received Chromecast support, essentially bringing any popular movie to your TV screens for free in next to no time. And a couple of months after Popcorn Time arrived on Android, its mobile app now has Chromecast support too.

Popcorn time

Google’s Chromecast dongle is available to buy in 12 countries across Europe and North America, letting anyone stream or mirror content from their Chrome browser, or compatible Android and iOS apps. This includes Netflix, and offers a massively convenient way of browsing for movies or TV shows on your smartphone, and beaming them directly to your flat-screen.

While movie industry bodies have been pushing hard against the rise of torrent sites in recent years, with varying degrees of success, Popcorn Time is pushing back. It basically makes it easy for anyone to access all the big-name releases to stream instantly, meaning they don’t have to wait for huge file downloads before they can start watching. And with the Popcorn Time Mac app next up for Chromecast support, it’s safe to say that Hollywood’s worst nightmare is getting a whole lot worse.

Feature Image Credit – ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

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