Spoof website SpotifyforArtists launched to bring attention to artist royalty rates

Spoof website SpotifyforArtists launched to bring attention to artist royalty rates


Following hot on the heels of the launch of the official Spotify Artists site, a spoof website in the form of SpotifyforArtists has appeared with the aim of drawing attention to the royalty rates received by artists whose music is streamed using the service.

The issue of the rates Spotify pays some artists has long made headlines, and while the page bears more than a passing resemblance to the official site, it clearly isn’t the real deal. A quick read reveals that the site’s creators are pulling no punches in driving the message home:

Music brings people together. That’s why SpotifyforArtists is so social. You’ve shared your opinions on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and via email. We’ve listened to you and we want to share our profits fairly with our community of musicians. Not just the middlemen. After all, if it weren’t for artists, what sort of business would we have being here? That’s why we have decided to change our business practices in a transparent way that makes it very clear exactly how much everyone is getting paid. From our staff to the shareholders to the musicians. We’ve decided it is the right thing to do.

We’ve asked Spotify what it thinks of the site and will report back if we receive a response.

➤ Okay, who created spoof website Spotify for Artists? [MusicAlly]

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