Can’t code but want an app? Infinite Monkeys is now the world’s largest DIY app publisher

Can’t code but want an app? Infinite Monkeys is now the world’s largest DIY app publisher ...

Developers are highly-sought after in today’s app-centric world, but increasingly there are other options for businesses or individuals who want to design an app themselves. One service catering to that desire, Singapore-headquartered Infinite Monkeys, just became a very significant force today after buying (larger) rival AppMakr in an undisclosed deal.

The move makes Infinite Monkeys the world’s largest DIY app publisher, co-founder and CEO Jay Shapiro tells TNW, and therefore a service worth investigating for anyone considering self-published apps.

Infinite Monkeys claims a new app can be created in just 20 minutes, using a drag-and-drop system that is also favored by AppMakr. While it is free to create apps, Infinite Monkeys charges users to publish to Android or iOS app stores, and offers premium tiers with native app support, an ad-free interface and more.


Shapiro says AppMakr’s free-plan customers will remain supported, while users of its $79 per month ad-free service will get a free two-month upgrade to Infinite Monkeys’ paid service tiers — which are priced upwards of $9 per month.

Combined, the services have more than 500,000 mobile app publishers across over 60 countries and are available in 11 languages.

Rather than eliminating the need for professional developers, who invariably deliver a better quality final product, DIY apps are a lower cost alternative to hiring a development team. Shapiro believes his company is of particular benefit to the long tail of brands and retailers that are interested in experimenting with apps, or operating on a limited budget.

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