The Wall Street Journal launches new WSJ Live site, and plans for Facebook Open Graph integration

The Wall Street Journal launches new WSJ Live site, and plans for Facebook Open Graph integration

The Wall Street Journal has been ramping up its online video efforts of late, culminating in almost 20m video streams in May alone.

Whilst a number of factors can explain its growth in the video realm, a large part has been the expansion of its WSJ Live service to cover more platforms, including the iPad, Apple TV, Roku and Samsung Smart TV, though new programming and a growing focus on producing live shows from London and Hong Kong can also help explain this increase.

Now, The Wall Street Journal has launched a new WSJ Live video site for users from across the Digital Network, including,, and, to watch and share videos from a centralized platform.

The new site mirrors the overall look and feel of the WSJ Live app, which is currently available on eighteen platforms, and the new site has been put together to help make content more discoverable.

Interestingly, WSJ Live will soon get the Facebook Open Graph treatment, allowing users to share videos that they watch on WSJ Live with their friends. The new WSJ Live site also includes:

  • HD content and a new full-screen feature
  • Enhanced social sharing capabilities
  • On-screen notifications and alerts when a live show is about to air
  • Easier access to WSJ Live’s TV guide and weekly schedule

The new site replaces the individual video centers on the individual network properties, and dovetails with the launch of two new shows in the past month, DC Bureau and Asia Today.

The WSJ recently produced and published this video, Unfriended:  The Facebook IPO Debacle, which can perhaps be used as a benchmark for what the publication has in mind moving forward – longer, and more in-depth videos.

WSJ Live now consists of more than four hours of live programming each day.

WSJ Live

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