Samsung and Nuance team up to create a better reason for shouting at your TV

Samsung and Nuance team up to create a better reason for shouting at your TV

Shouting at the television is practically a sport. Who can make it more than ten minutes into an episode of the Apprentice without some sort of outburst?

As we heard earlier in the year, Samsung has announced smart interaction for its ES8000 TVs, and now we have more details on how that will work verbally.

Nuance Communications today announced that the voice capabilities featured as part of Samsung’s 2012 premium Smart TV line are powered by Nuance’s unique Dragon voice technology. This means more ways to control your television, including speaking to it.

People who buy one of the Samsung premium Smart TVs will be able to use natural voice commands to change channels, search for content on the Web, access Samsung’s Smart Hub, and connect with friends and family via Skype.

Depending on your levels of self-consciousness, you’ll probably find it as cool as we do to be able to walk into your living room and say, “Hi TV, power on”. It’s rather nice that the television also gets a greeting before it’s ordered to power up, even in the world of smart technology, manners matter.

Sit back and chat

“The power and simplicity of voice integration as part of a TV interface is clear the moment you sit back and speak to your TV,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “Working together, Nuance and Samsung are demonstrating how voice truly transforms the digital living room experience.”

Nuance works in twenty different languages, so you can curse at  talk to your TV in your mother tongue if it is available on the service.

Basically the whole system should provide the ability to sit back and communicate with your TV naturally and verbally. Not only will this be useful when the batteries run out of your remote, but it should help us all consider how we can talk around the homes of the future. We’re sure there really is no need to shout.

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