Say hello to the new anti-piracy DVD warning ads

Say hello to the new anti-piracy DVD warning ads

I stream most of my flicks these days, so I haven’t had to sit through the good ol’ FBI ANTI-PIRACY WARNING in some time, but you might have. If you are the sort of person who buys DVDs, you will soon be treated to a new set of warnings, up from just one before.

Via The Hill, here is the first screen that you can look forward to:

That’s right, there are now two large, intimidating badge-things to scare you off of the Pirate Bay. I don’t know about you, but badges make me tremble. In case you wanted to know, that new symbol (in case the text is hard to make out) is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Security Investigations unit. Run!

Onto the next screen:

In case you wanted to check the site, here is a link. This screen is much better. It has a point, makes an argument, and then tries to provide more information. Not bad, and a vast improvement on the last screen’s attempt to scare us with beurocratic bogeyman.

And yet, piracy remains a service problem. This doesn’t even qualify as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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