For the ladies, Vixely unveils its first iPad Magazine: “Let’s Get it On!”

For the ladies, Vixely unveils its first iPad Magazine: “Let’s Get it On!”

I stopped reading Seventeen Magazine when I was about 17 so it’s been a good 10 years since I’ve read an article with a title like “31 Ways to Tease Him With Your Tongue”. But somewhere in between US Weekly tabloids and The New Yorker, my brain still yearns for a bit of playful, sexy content. I didn’t even know what I was missing until I found Vixely.

Vixely is a brand new iPad Magazine that launched its first issue today titled “Let’s Get it On.” The company describes itself as the “smart, sexy and real women’s media brand designed exclusively for the iPad”. It covers topics such as sex, dating, health, fashion and lifestyle in a modern, relatable way. It’s not cute. It’s not bitchy. And it’s really well done.

Co-Founders Jennifer Eident, a Stanford MBA and engineer, Nora Bass, a former investment banker and Lara Glaister, a Parsons-educated designer, founded Vixely based on their frustration with the lack of quality content in the online and digital space targeted to sophisticated women like themselves. The Vixely team and contributors includes a gaggle of 12 talented women like writer Kate Kudish and food contributor Eliza Glaister.

Articles include the expected “6 Hottest Bachelors from Around the Globe”, “6 Tips for a Sexy Body” (with video) and the “Hottest Places to Go in NYC Right Now” (legit!), as well as the not so expected “Interviews with Chubbies” and “The Best Getaways on Airbnb”, with embeddable links to book your dream getaway.

Some of the content can also be found on Vixely’s Daily Blog but most of it is tailored for the iPad. Previously, Vixely released an interactive iBook titled “Female Orgasm: The Ultimate Guide“, which reached over 10,000 downloads in two months since launching, boasting a 72% weekly growth rate.

The monthly iPad magazine will be free for the first 3 months and $2.99 per issue thereafter. The San Francisco-based team has raised a $100K angel round of financing from friends and family. Check out the first issue at the link below.

➤ Vixely (Free on iPad)

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