FT relaunches conference arm as Financial Times Live, brings social and video to events

FT relaunches conference arm as Financial Times Live, brings social and video to events

The Financial Times has announced that it’s relaunching its Conferences and Events division as ‘Financial Times Live‘, “making live video streaming, webinars, a video archive and Twitter chats core elements of its corporate events.”

The Financial Times was founded in London in 1888, and is now printed in 24 cities globally. It launched its Conferences and Events arm in 1971, and started expanding it globally over the past five years. The division has organized more than 2,000 events, spanning developed and emerging markets, across five continents. They have covered Telecoms, Media and Technology; Property; Energy; Banking; Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology; Outsourcing, Innovation and Sustainability.

The new format is set to launch officially at the FT Digital Media Conference in London, which runs from 7-8 March. Speakers will include Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Andy Bird, Chairman of Walt Disney International, both of which will be live-streamed on the website.

The FT first trialled live-streaming during its FT Innovate conference back in November, and Viewers were ‘encouraged’ to take to Twitter and ask the UK digital champion, Martha Lane Fox, and FT management editor Andrew Hill, questions.

“Social media has dramatically enhanced the reach and impact of our events in recent years with a rapidly increasing number of delegates sharing experiences and content online,” says Jayne Van Hoen, Managing Director, Global Conferences and Events at the FT. “Financial Times Live will reach a far greater global audience than previously possible, enabling participation for delegates who are unable to attend in person as well as a platform for pre and post event networking online.”

The Financial Times Live site is now live.

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