Nerdstock kicks off in a few hours, are you ready?

Nerdstock kicks off in a few hours, are you ready?

TNW is your source for all things breaking in technology, and the business of technology. But sometimes we take the time, usually on Friday, to redole a touch and go off topic. Today’s stroll: MLG Providence.

If you are not familiar with Major League Gaming, MLG for short, be sure and read our interview-infused full look on the company. What you need to know is this: Starting today, and through the weekend, thousands upon thousands of gamers, and gaming entusiasts are crashing the show in Providence.

Why? MLG is hosting its yearly championships there, and the money on the line is huge. The Starcraft 2 tournament, which will feature several hundred players from around the world (literally), is worth some $120,000. First place takes down a cool $50,000. Other games will have similar prize purses.

$50,000 for playing a game for a weekend? Sounds crazy, right? The economics add up because MLG is expecting, on top of having thousands of in person attendees, to support around 200,000 concurrent online viewers. That number will spike on Sunday, when the final games are played. MLG has access to a coveted demographic, tech savvy young men with money, and advertisers pay top dollar to reach them.

That and MLG has raised millions, which it uses to put on massive shows. Check this clip to see a bit of the Providence venue. It’s huge.

Now, if you want to watch all this madness, what can you do? First, check this thread on Reddit, it’s essential. Second, drop by TeamLiquid to check on how the action is going. And finally, browse the Byzantian MLG website to find whatever you are missing. Don’t forget, there are streams running from tonight on, so get some pizza, beer, and hide your SO. It’s nerd time, my friends.


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