Flipboard introduces accounts. Get yours now

Flipboard introduces accounts. Get yours now

Are you a fan of the newsreading iOS app Flipboard? If so, you’ll be glad to know that its latest edition lets you create an account.

According to Flipboard’s blog, the new Accounts feature will be available from today:

Starting today, you can sign up for a Flipboard Account. With Accounts, your reading preferences stay with you no matter how you access Flipboard. For example, families and friends who share an iPad can log into Flipboard and find their favorite sections. And when Flipboard comes to the iPhone, accounts ensure that your Flipboard is configured exactly as you like it, with your favorite reading sources already saved and your social networks connected.

Here’s how to proceed to create one:

To get started, tap “Flipboard Account” on the upper left of your main Flipboard page. This will allow you to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

Tumblr and 500px integration

Besides the new Accounts feature, today’s update also makes it easier to link Flipboard to your Tumblr. Tumblr’s integration goes beyond reading, you’ll also be able to re-blog and like content from within Flipboard.

If your Tumblr could use a push, you may also be interested in being featured in Flipboard’s Content Guide as part of today’s launch – here’s how, according to Flipboard:

To celebrate, we’re featuring some of our favorite Tumblr blogs in the Content Guide right now. Tap on the red ribbon at the top of your Flipboard to browse them and feel free to tweet your favorites to us at @flipboard so they can be included in our guide.

Besides Tumblr, the latest version of Flipboard also lets you connect with the photography community 500px (see our comparison piece about Flickr and 500px). A Toronto-based startup, 500px has become increasingly popular among professional photographers, and the chance to be featured in Flipboard’s guide is likely to help it grow even further.

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