The Associated Press brings its breaking news video service online

The Associated Press brings its breaking news video service online

The Associated Press (AP) has announced that APTN Direct, its breaking news video service, is to be extended beyond the confines of Satellite broadcasting and onto the Web. AP has teamed up with global streaming company Streamworks for the new service.

APTN Direct supplies breaking news content to hundreds of broadcasters worldwide, and it was the first news agency to launch a live coverage service when, in 2003, it covered the Iraq invasion in real time. With its new live video stream launching to AP customers today, digital publishers will now be able to access an online stream of the live video news service.

The video service covers everything from elections and summits, to natural disasters and protests, and it will be made available through customizable desktop, browser and mobile interfaces, with video feeds delivered in multiple bitrates and distributed across a number of providers.

Sandy MacIntyre, vice president and director of video news for AP, said:

“We recognize in today’s information driven world it is all about choice and getting the information you want, when, where and how you want it. This new delivery solution from Streamworks offers AP customers access to faster digital content to fill their 24-hour news cycle.”

The Associated Press was founded in 1846, and today it’s one of the largest news agencies in the world. It’s thought that AP’s news reaches more than half of the world’s population. The company is currently upgrading its video business which will see AP switch its entire newsgathering, production and distribution systems to HD.

Streamworks is part of the Black Ocean group, a digital media company that invests in technology businesses around the world. Ray Mia, CEO of Streamworks, said:

“As the leading and most trusted source of news worldwide, it’s only fitting the AP should deliver the world’s best video streaming experience. We are extremely proud to be working with such an iconic organization to bring people everywhere closer to the experiences and events which are shaping our world.”

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