SNTV Digital launches, bringing premium sports content to publishers and broadcasters

SNTV Digital launches, bringing premium sports content to publishers and broadcasters

SNTV, the London-based television sports video news agency, has announced that it’s launching SNTV Digital, which is officially going live on Saturday October 1st.

SNTV Digital is a set of three digital video products covering football, all sports and key events, and will let publishers and broadcasters integrate premium sports news video content with their existing digital editorial and commercial systems.

So what does all this mean? Well, SNTV’s content from events such as the Rugby World Cup, The African Cup of Nations, The F1 Season, UEFA Euro 2012 and the 2012 Olympics will be available to SNTV’s publisher and broadcast customers via direct download, FTP or an embeddable player. They can then integrate this with their own online editorial platforms and directly monetise sports content through advertising across multiple platforms.

The service will be available 24/7 covering a range of formats and delivery options, including desktop, mobile, tablets and connected TVs.

All SNTV Digital content will be available as ready-to-publish 60-90 second clips, and voice-overs can be included too, with what it says will include “native tongue sound bites wherever possible”.

Martin Kay, Managing Director of SNTV, said:

“SNTV Digital brings all the breadth and editorial quality of SNTV to broadcasters and digital publishers. We are investing in additional digital rights and global newsgathering to extend our market-leading services, and have ensured we’ve built a service that delivers on clients editorial and technical needs. We believe our B2B focus is a major advantage,” Kay continued. “Our mission is to provide the most relevant sports news to our customers, in the most useful ways. Our customers – broadcasters, digital publishers, mobile operators – know their audience, so we’ve deliberately created SNTV Digital from our agency perspective, with a full range of content, delivery, and monetisation options for them to choose from”.

SNTV is a partnership between IMG Media, an independent producer and distributor of sports programming, and The Associated Press, the global news network.

SNTV has partnered with Rightster AVS to deliver the new digital service, which will provide SNTV with a range of services and use of its real-time video distribution and rights management system.

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