Musician launches first location-based treasure hunt campaign with Geocaching

Musician launches first location-based treasure hunt campaign with Geocaching

In what appears to be a first, a musician has turned to cult location-based game Geocaching to promote his music.

The campaign promoting German-American rock ‘n’ roll violinist David Garrett involves around 1,500 unique trackable items in the form of 2”x2” metal tags on keychains which have been hidden across the US and Germany. Each tag features a photo of Garrett and a unique code, and when they find one, fans can enter the code on Garrett’s Facebook page to log its movements before hiding it at a new location for someone else to find.

A range of prizes are available for participants in this innovative competition which looks to engage fans of the platinum selling star.

While it’s yet to cross over into mainstream culture, Geochaching is a pastime that involves hunting down ‘caches’ hidden at locations around the world. Caches are located with the aid of GPS tracking equipment or a mobile app.

Leveraging the game for a promotional campaign should be positive for both Geocaching and David Garrett, although it would be perhaps a little more interesting if each hidden item included a USB stick containing an exclusive track, or some other incentive for finding the itembeyond being entered into a prize draw.

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