Reddit hits 1 billion page views per month

Reddit hits 1 billion page views per month

Reddit has just reported that their site’s analytics have a sweet new punctuation mark next to them, meaning that its site has served one billion users in just one month.

In its blog post Mike [raldi] writes that “There are only about 100 sites on the entire Internet that get a billion pageviews in a single month, and now reddit can put on its smoking jacket and join that exclusive club.” A club, mind you, that doesn’t include The New York Times, Expedia,,, or Fox News.

Reddit has grown tremendously this year, from 250 million page views in January 2010 to 829 million in December, and more than doubling its number of servers from 50 to 119 in the same timeframe.

In September 2010, reddit pageviews surpassed Digg’s, when Digg founder Kevin Rose revealed that his site only garnered 200 million page views in the month of July. Reddit claimed at the time that they were 40% bigger, traffic wise, than Digg. Then reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s adorable little alien, asked the press to “get with it,” and stop comparing reddit to Digg as a smaller community.

Mike [raldi] sends a big thank you to all of the reddit community:

This is an accomplishment that all redditors should take pride in, because people wouldn’t keep arriving in droves — and coming back — if not for the community that you’ve created here. To see how fast our little site’s been growing, contrast this post from July or this one from last month. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the billionth pageview was this submission.

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