Flipboard + Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models = … Innovative

Flipboard + Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models = …  Innovative

Working with Sports Illustrated, Flipboard has created a new partner section that will track the progress of this year’s Swimsuit Edition shoot, by bringing in content from a Twitter List that focuses on the shoot’s progress (that just happens to have lots of links to pictures, surprise, surprise).

Of course, there is some text too, but really, the Flipboard app is all about the pictures (as is of course SI’s Swimsuit Edition) and this is obviously why SI and Flipboard are working together. “This [section] is a great example of a feed that’s best viewed in Flipboard… instead of seeing a list of links, you see the models and the places where the photo shoots are taking place just by opening the section in Flipboard,” a Flipboard employee told us.

The section is about as NSFW as the print edition is – take that as you will – but yeah, we have a feeling that this is going to make Flipboard an even more popular app. Flipboard recently started working with certain content partners for dedicated sections, and also has a gifts section for holiday shopping.

Nice integration from what Apple has already called its iPad App of the Year (which since the iPad has been out only six months, more or less makes Flipboard Apple’s favorite iPad app ever). You can add the custom built section by going into the “Add Section” area and clicking on the SI partner link.

And yes, now for the screenshots:

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