Team Poison says it published personal details of 26,000 Israeli credit card holders

Team Poison says it published personal details of 26,000 Israeli credit card holders

According to Haaretz, international hacking team known as Team Poison has launched a new round of cyber attacks, this time targeting Israeli sites. Launched under the banner, #OpFreePalestine, the hackers announced on Twitter that they were picking up where Saudi hacker 0xOmar had left off.

The announcement accompanying the publication of what they claim are the details of over 26,000 Israeli credit card holders, Team Poison read:

IsraHell has been committing genocide, infanticide, and every day homicide since 1948 and the world and her citizens have been aiding and abetting and financing this! We are all complicit in the murder of the innocent! It’s time to make a stand! The tables have turned, We are no longer silent – Digital Intifada: #OpFreePalestine – The war has begun

The announcement was also accompanied by a YouTube video of Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziada’s poem, ‘We Teach Life, Sir.’ Team Poison also called on its followers to mirror the post.

According to Softpedia, the published file contains the names and email addresses of the credit card holders, together with all confidential credit card details, including numbers, expiration dates and CVVs.

Talking to Softpedia, a member of Team Poison is reported to have said,  “We picked up from where OxOmar left off, even though, we didn’t know he hacked, until now,” while adding that the stolen credit card information was used to make donations to Palestinian charities.

Team Poison joined forces with Anonymous last November in what was dubbed #OpRobinHood, announcing the intention to target Platinum credit cards, in an attempt to ‘steal from the rich, and give to the poor.’

This is the latest strike in a month-long cyberwar that began with Saudi hacker 0xOmar publishing the details of 15,000 Israeli credit card holders. The attacks  continued to escalate throughout January, with official sites taken down including the sites of Israel’s airline El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, as well as the official sites of the Saudi and UAE stock exchanges, while other hackers targeted Facebook accounts, even reaching the point of hacking into each others accounts.

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