Another one bites the dust. Tumblr blocked in Saudi Arabia

Another one bites the dust. Tumblr blocked in Saudi Arabia

Tumblr can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to Internet censorship. We already know that Tumblr has been incorrectly flagged for pornographic content by Canadian security software Netsweep, and as a consequence, was blocked for some time in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Yemen.

It would seem that Saudi Arabia is the latest country to deem Tumblr blogs inappropriate for public consumption. Reports are emerging on Twitter, and ironically on Tumblr as well, that Saudi residents can no longer access the blogging platform.

Some reports state that everything is accessible except the actual dashboard, meaning you can browse Tumblr blogs anyway, but can’t produce content, while more recent reports on Twitter state that you can’t access the Tumblr dashboard or blogs, but can still access profiles.

This is not the first hit that Tumblr has taken in Saudi Arabia. A few months earlier, the search function on Tumblr was disabled, while other sites such as Amnesty International, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have all been blocked at one time or another, with the royal kingdom’s attempt to regulate Internet use throughout the country.

Whether or not this is a temporary block or not is something that remains to be seen.

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