FaceTime Removed from All MENA iPhone Pages

FaceTime Removed from All MENA iPhone Pages

FaceTime?If you’ve heard of Apple’s FaceTime video chat technology then you’re probably as excited as the next smartphone enthusiast is, but if you happen to be in Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, UAE or KSA it appears to be tough luck, Apple seems to have other plans.

TUAW reported earlier today that SaudiMac‘s Facebook page showed a thread explaining that Apple has apparently ripped their FaceTime promotion from all MENA iPhone pages which you can check out for Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, UAE , and KSA. Replacing the rotating add with a static less attractive looking image and replacing it’s description with an ad for the device’s 5 mega pixel camera.

Standard Apple iPhone page with FaceTime ad

MENA iPhone page without FaceTime ad

These countries with carriers all in the process of providing iPhone 4 plans which actually doesn’t make sense unless carriers themselves have requested they be removed to decrease the use of Apple’s highly publicized and popular service, that users in countries like the UAE say have no problem with it working.

So if you’re a resident in one of the aforementioned beware, the Skype blocking gun could turn it’s barrel to FaceTime and take away yet another pleasure of using the ever so popular iPhone 4.

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