Launches Yet Another Social Network: Bayt Communities Launches Yet Another Social Network: Bayt Communities

Fake Smile is the best I can do for Bayt's new network, I mean seriously haven't we had enough networking platforms to deal with?This just in, has launched yet another service just today, making this month a major service push for with their latest Salaries service.

The first of their new Bayt communities launched today has been branded Marketing Matters, which looks like a possible push for self marketing and promotion between job seekers and providers.

Which leads us to the question: What could this extra layer of networking/marketing possibly add to the mix of networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, SalamBC, InTheLoop and many, many more are already providing? I’ll help you with that, probably nothing. Communities Screenshot

We sure wish the Bayt people all the luck in the world, but I for one don’t look forward to using it for my next job hunt.

It appears that with the Bayt’s salary search, online resumes, social networks and now Bayt communities, chances are I’d be better off cornering my next employer in his/her office and hitting’em on the head with my CV than to fill in and update all these sources to get their attention.

Maybe one day Bayt will simply add a seeker social stream with all my invaluable tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn profile to my online resume instead. Till then, you’ll have to ask for an invitation to check it out since it’s still in private beta, and hope it’ll make a difference in the never pursuit of the better limelight of our professional careers.

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