More Football Madness with Real Madrid Arabia

More Football Madness with Real Madrid Arabia

Real Madrid LogoIt appears the world’s second most valuable club has realized they have a serious fan base in the Middle East and have expressed their gratitude with Real Madrid Arabia.

The website which launched during May 2010 and has just gotten a twitter account to go with it for Arabic followers, making it the fourth supported language for the team after English, Spanish and Japanese.

Real Madrid Arabia
The timing of the launch although not optimal considering the hype surrounding the World Cup, doesn’t make it any less popular among Madridistas in the region, whom have channeled some serious traffic to the website.

We checked it out and it has everything provided in the English portal except for a mobile service section, which takes the user to the English version providing the standard services and products there, but since we love them a lot we’ll let that one slide.

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