SyriaConnect – A Social Society of Syrian Specialists

SyriaConnect – A Social Society of Syrian Specialists

If you live in Syria or happen to be a Syrian, you should check out SyriaConnect. It’s a social platform for Syrian professionals allowing them to connect, collaborate and contribute content. Fine, I’ll lose the alliterations!

While Facebook and the likes of it are banned in Syria, that’s not really what SyriaConnect positions itself against. Built on an open-source platform, the service aims to bring people closer.

Although at an early stage and currently in English only, SyriaConnect seems to be a promising platform for professionals.

Founder Hichame Assi had the following to say about his project:

…this platform was established with scientists, doctors, academics, managers and professionals in mind, it is not the place for sharing music videos.

While Hichame knows it’s not an easy task to roll out a social platform or encourage users to participate, he seems to be quite determined on getting it right. I suggest you encourage him by subscribing.

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