A $3 artificial intelligence chip

A $3 artificial intelligence chip

AI_robotWell, it’s $3.3 to be exact!

Students of the Damascus University in Syria and the Balqa University in Jordan claim to have created a completely home-grown robot using an AI chip that compares to ones that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The 150 Syrian Pounds ($3.3, €2.2) chip has apparently enabled the robot to “clean a pathway by walking in a straight line then turns around and walks on a parallel path in the opposite direction while avoiding obstacles on its way.”

The project manager, Dr. Wasef al Saloos, elaborates on the potential use of the robot.

Our invention handles obstacles based on their size. If it finds a 2-centimetre obstacle, it will keep the same distance away from it, unlike the old devices that used to treat all objects with the same distance. The new method works with variable distances. It’s a smart device that can be used as a courier or a mine detector.

While we’re not really sure how logical the theory is, it’s only fair to mention that these students are still facing an American embargo that limits the technologies they have to work with. In all cases, we’re definitely all-in for local talents in the field of robotics.

Original article in Arabic via Al Watan.

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