Issue v1.5 – The Web’s Best Videos

Issue v1.5 – The Web’s Best Videos

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Guess it isn’t unexpected that you can’t always find something good to watch. Fortunately we’ve made a small selection for you.

ShayCarl’s inspirational running video
Shaycarl is quite a hero online. He motivates thousands of people to get off their ass, lose weight and laugh at life!

Train like an angel: Runway butt
As a women, it is almost impossible not to look jealously at the toned bodies of Victoria Secret runway models. Finally, Candice Swanepoel reveals the trics to get that runway butt!

What does 2000 calories look like?
Workouts are an important factor in improving your health and body. But do not forget to keep an eye on your calories!

If there is an ultimate fitness machine, it is this one. Your personal trainer robot!

The people vs. Fitness
We all want to work out, become strong and healthy. But let’s face it, not everybody is up for it!


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