Issue v1.4 – Letter from the Editor

Issue v1.4 – Letter from the Editor

“Fashion is never finished”

It would be safe to say that technology people tend to be geeks with little sense of fashion. It would be safe to say that, but also boring, and way to generalistic.

The tech world, just like the fashion world, follows trends. One year we’re all using photo apps with retro filters, the next we’re all desperate to get our hands on wearable gadgets that help make us healthier or smarter.

Both fashion and technology are fast-changing, cut-throat industries that require creativity and adventurous thinking.

Entrepreneurs are more often than not very aware of branding and perception. You might think that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about fashion because he is wearing his ‘fuck-you flip-flops’ but that ‘anti-fashion’ statement is just that; a statement. Zuckerberg wanted to show he could build a company on his own terms. Mark once said he never wanted to work for a company, so that nobody could tell him what to wear to work, including flip-flops. Steve Jobs’ turtleneck sweaters, Larry Ellison’s suits and Kevin Rose’s hoodies; the technoogy scene has its own fashion icons and rules and regulations.

Fashion is really just another communication protocol. It is a way to communicate with the world around you, without using words. It might be the first impression you give. A suit sends a message, and so does a black t-shirt. Everybody has preconceptions about clothing, and what it means.

Technology may not be commonly associated with fashion but they’re tightly connected, and that’s what we’re looking at in this month’s issue. We have experts looking at the future of clothing (silver spandex everybody?), how one designer has used 3D printing technology to launch a successful jewelry brand and then there’s an in-depth article about how Instagram is helping us create an ideal online existence.

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