Issue v1.3 – The Web’s Best Videos

Issue v1.3 – The Web’s Best Videos

In a world of digitalization and exploding amounts of online video, photographie has still found it’s role to play. We asked the guys from WappZapp what they think are the coolest moving frames about the art of photography. Enjoy!

Coloured Photographs
With these Beatiful and famous black and white pictures, you have always wondered: ‘What would these have looked like in colour?’ Buzzfeed let’s you find out by combining the newest techniques to these classic pictures.

Beyond is a roadmovie with imagary beyond you have ever seen before. The young and celebrated photographer Joey L. is shooting the breathtaking ‘Holy Men’-series, showing how photography is not just about the right camera or correct angle, but above all about the actual topic of person in the picture.

30 years of BAD pictures
Bruce Dale’s 30 year career at National Geographic included 10 trips to China, the famous hologram cover for the 100th anniversary edition, and mounting a camera on the tail of a jumbo jet for in-flight photographs. That’s someone to listen to when learning about making the perfect picture.

Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second
Can you imagine a camera catching so many frames a second, that you can create movies in which we could see light itself moving? With femto-photography, a new type of imaging so fast it visualizes the world one trillion frames per second, we could even make camera’s shooting around the corner or see inside someones body without the X-Rays!

The amater photographer
Even worse than people taking pictures of your city’s highlights with their iPads are the semi-professional photographers. Yeah, you know who we are talking about here, all the gear and no idea… The amatuer. Please share with them this video!


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