Issue v0.10 – The Web’s Best Videos

Issue v0.10 – The Web’s Best Videos

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If there’s one area where monetization is a problem, it’s online video. Which is why we asked to pick their favorite video’s on making (and spending) money on the web.

$100 dollar swimming pool

To swim in money, is a young boy’s dream. To make this amazing $100 dollar mosaic swimming pool come true, approximately 85.000 tiles were used by designer studio Milovito to make up the spectacular 100 dollar bill. A year later, the idea was already copied in the movie ‘Tower Heist’ (With Eddy Murphy)

Building your Personal Brand Within the Social Media

If you are thinking about turning your hobby in to a great business, there is not a better motivational speaker to get you going than the energetic Wine Expert Gary Vaynerchuk: “”Do what you wonna do, I promise you can monetize that!””. Amen to that.

Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars!

We discovered this footage of the TNW magazine editor in chief Boris, already playing the money game at the youngest of ages, together with his (unlucky) dad.

What if money was no object?

So here’s a thought-provoking-video: What would you do, if money was not the issue? Stay at your job because you think you’re not good enough at what you want to do, consequently never mastering what you want to do to leave their job? Or, as famous English filosofer Alan Watts thinks it’s the only one way out of this catch-22, take the plunge?

Cards of Change

Don’t you just love the sound of money in the morning? Just imagine the sounds of credit cards!

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