Issue v0.9: WANT – Double Robot

Issue v0.9: WANT – Double Robot

Here’s a familiar scenario: you need to attend a briefing or meeting with your colleagues or clients, but can’t because you are needed elsewhere. Online conferences are fine but not ideal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually be in two places at once? Whilst this clearly isn’t possible, we have something that will make you think you were.

Introducing Double Robot.

Double Robot is a brilliant new iPad stand which acts like a robot. It moves around wherever and whenever you instruct it to. It’s a bit like digital SLR monitor Swivi, but with a gorgeous, glossy retina face. The iPad mounts on the top, which enables you to see and hear anything. Its intuitive UI makes it very easy to control and the 10” wide dual-wheel base contains a gyroscope and accelerometer to make sure it’s stable, preventing it from falling over.

You can control Double Robot through any iOS device or via a web browser and it retails at not inexpensive $2,499. It will be available later this year.

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