How to track Santa online this Christmas Eve

How to track Santa online this Christmas Eve

As has become traditional in recent years, Google has teamed up with NORAD again to let you track Father Christmas’ progress around the world this Christmas Eve.

If your children want to get involved with seeing where Pere Noel is up to in his epic journey, here’s how:

– At the website: is the place to go to see Santa’s current location and his route ahead. ‘Santa Cam’ videos from around the world are also on off.

– On Google Earth: If you have the Google Earth browser plug-in installed, you’ll be able to follow Santa in 3D right around the world.

– Via NORAD’s social media accounts: NORAD will be updating you via its Google+Twitter or Facebook accounts. NORAD’s ‘SantaCam’ videos will also be posted to its YouTube channel throughout the day.

– On the go: NORAD has an app for Android and iOS, which allows you to track Santa. You can also use Google Maps for Mobile from any supported phone, by searching for ‘Santa’.

…and don’t forget that Google offers personalised messages from Santa as both voice calls and video.

The services above, along with snowy themes for Google search (Type in “Let it snow” and watch) and YouTube, show that Christmas products seem to be becoming almost as much of a part of Google culture as the annual April Fools Day jokes it rolls out.

UPDATE: Google isn’t the only one tracking Santa, either. has added S4NTA1 to its flight tracking service today.

Happy Christmas!

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