This Will Blow You Away. Sneak Peek at The New Photoshop.

This Will Blow You Away. Sneak Peek at The New Photoshop.

News just in that Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be released on April 12th, with shipping expected to start a month later.

As usual, CS5 will combine the very best features in graphics, video and Web design for professionals, for an extortionate price.

That said, have a watch of this video of just one of the new Photoshop’s capabilities. You will be blown away. This makes light work of what previous would have taken hours, maybe even days of work.

If you’re low on time, skip through to 2.50.

[Update: after you’ve watched this, you need to see what else Photoshop CS 5 is capable of. This other video will really blow your socks off.]

via John Nack on Adobe via Techmeme

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