Introducing the TNW Latin America Startup Awards: In search of LATAM’s hottest startups

Introducing the TNW Latin America Startup Awards:  In search of LATAM’s hottest startups

Last year we organized our very first TNW conference outside of Europe and chose the continent of Latin America as the place to make it happen. To celebrate this flourishing tech scene, it’s entrepreneurs and startups we decided to organize the TNW Startup Awards; an online competition in the lead up to the conference in search of the most popular startups of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.


For many of last year’s winners it has been quite a successful year. SaferTaxi raised a 3.2 million USD round, ContaAzul completed their series A and Getninjas went on to raise 3 million USD after winning a TNW Startup Award. To date our records alone show that the winners of last year raised over 21 million USD together.

We’d like to see more of these successes come out of Latin America, so we’re organizing the TNW Startup Awards again in search for the hottest and most popular startups in the region.

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How it works

The TNW Startup Awards is an online competition that allows anyone to publicly nominate their favorite startups, co-founders and investors. After an initial nomination period of four days, The Next Web and its local experts will hand-pick 5 nominees per category to continue onto the voting round. Once the voting round starts it’s up to the public to decide who will win in their respective category by placing their votes via Email, Twitter or Facebook (and yes, we check for fraud).


Becoming a nominee in the TNW Startup Awards guarantees a lot of new traffic to your website, putting you in the spotlight of media, investors, clients and essentially the world. Per country and category the top 3 contestants will also each win a ticket to The Next Web Conference Latin America in São Paulo (August 28-29). It’s here at the TNW conference that we’re bringing together all of Latin America’s most influential startups, entrepreneurs, marketeers, digital agencies, brands and investors to do business in an international setting.

So what are you waiting for?

Start nominating!

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