Mobile app Yumbling goes beyond check-ins to augment Mexicans’ reality

Mobile app Yumbling goes beyond check-ins to augment Mexicans’ reality

Do you wish you were in Mexico right now? If you had tested Yumbling, you probably would.

As we reported, this local startup created a very cool app to find the best entertainment options in Mexico, from restaurants to cinemas.

Now available across Mexico, Yumbling also keeps on adding new features, the latest being augmented reality.

In practical terms, it means that Yumbling’s Mexican users are now able to discover additional details about the places around them on their mobile device.

Not only does AR look great, but it is also very practical, as it superposes Yumbling’s large venue database with the reality around you as you stroll through your favorite Mexican city.

As you’d expect from Yumbling, this new feature once again has social at its core, and the info snippets feature evaluations by other users before you even click on them.

As for mobile geo-location, it means that these details are adapted to the user’s context. This is true for location of course, but also for time. You don’t have to plan your evening in advance, but the information is there when you need it – wherever and whenever you want.

In other words, this is a very powerful feature, and one more sign of the global SoLoMo trend – social, (hyper)local and mobile.

➤  Yumbling

Here’s a short demo of Yumbling’s update:

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