Coronavirus petitions have generated over 3,590,563 signatures

Coronavirus petitions have generated over 3,590,563 signatures

Researchers are building AI systems to diagnose coronavirus, scientists are using your computer resources to look for cure for COVID-19, and morons are concocting outlandish conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus. Meanwhile, the internet is busy launching and signing online petitions.

Coronavirus-related petitions on have cumulatively attracted 3,590,563 signatures from concerned users, according to data gathered by TNW. That amounts to an average of 2,164 signatures per petition. Needless to say, some entries have generated a vastly larger volume of signatures than others.

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To reach this number, we tallied the total number of signatures from all 1,659 petitions filed on It’s worth noting the data represents the total number of signatures, not the number of unique users who’ve signed petitions. This means a single user could’ve signed multiple petitions.

While there’s nothing wrong with raising awareness on the internet, it’s important to remember it’s up to us (and governments) to put in the effort to stay safe. In other words, wash your hands thoroughly, don’t touch your face (or nose, or mouth, or eyes), and try not to let your FOMO get to you when it comes to parties (or group activities).

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