Survey: Talking to your Uber driver makes you 3X more likely to have sex

uber, sex has released its annual Singles in America survey to shed some much-needed light on the latest trends in the world of dating and help you weave out the bad habits that are stopping you from leading a healthy love life.

Right off the bat, the way your handle your phone during dates could be the reason why you’re not getting laid. Singles in America has found out there’s a slew of turn-offs related to your phone usage proclivities.

The survey suggests answering a phone call on a first date is likely to put off three quarters of all people. Texting is similarly a no-no as over 65 percent of all people find it annoying, with 58 percent of surveyees expressing a preference to see their dates leave their phones on the table, facing downwards. In fact, almost five out of 10 people would agree having your phone turned off is a turn-on on its own.

In case you do bring your phone to your date, you better make sure its display is in mint condition as it turns out your cracked screen could be a deal-breaker for some people.

Millennials sure are a peculiar breed. According to Singles in America’s findings, millennials are 22 percent more likely than any other generation to share the sentiment that technology has made the quest for love more difficult.

Paradoxically enough, they’re also 57 percent more likely to sign up for an online dating service.

In line with the Netflix and Chill craze, the researchers have discovered millennials are 270 percent more likely to have the hots for someone who binge-watches the same shows.

Perhaps the easiest way to boost your chances of finding a sexual partner, however, is to engage in conversations with your Uber drivers.

Singles in America suggests people that have chats with their drivers are three times more likely to have sex – though they don’t exactly explain what the correlation between getting laid and talking to Uber drivers is. Either ways, it seems legit.

Here are some more statistics that ought to put you on the right track to fixing your dating life.

You can find Singles in America’s full report at their website.

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