Pornhub confirms Windows users are the biggest wankers on the internet


Despite going through some hard times after briefly crossing swords with Russian authorities last September, Pornhub appears to have wrapped up yet another spectacular year in 2016.

Earlier this week, the porn giant dropped its annual yearly review and its findings are nothing but filled with insight.

According to the data, the company racked up over 23 billion visits to its website throughout the last twelve months, accumulating a total of nearly 92 billion video views during 2016. To give you some more context, this accounts for approximately 4.6 billion hours of porn watching.

While this might seem like a rather dry analysis, things get a lot more exciting when you crunch the data.

In line with the larger shift towards mobile browsing, Pornhub revealed that over 60 percent of its users prefer to stream raunchy content from their smartphones – and that’s without factoring in the additional 11 percent of users that opt to use their tablets for such activities.

While desktop streaming makes up for a little less than 30 percent of all incoming traffic, statistics reveal Windows users are by far the busiest wankers on the internet.

In comparisons to the measly 14 percent of users who watch porn on their Macs, Windows users seem to have had their hands full in 2016, accounting for 80 percent of all porn content streamed on desktop.

Among other things, Pornhub also saw an increase in searches for game-related adult content. But this is hardly surprising given that 2016 graced the online community with a barrage of X-rated parody adaptations of internet sensations like smash-hit games Pokémon Go and Overwatch.

Speaking of games, data suggests joysticks are not the only gadgets gaming enthusiasts are using when playing games. According to the data, Pornhub has seen a minor increase – from 46 to 53 percent – in traffic coming from consoles, with PlayStation and Xbox leading the charts.

Back in March, Pornhub introduced a new virtual reality category. Although VR porn is still picking up momentum, the website registered a 300 percent increase in VR related searches, reaching a total of 38 million searches in the window of nine months.

Curious to find out more about the world’s porn consumption habits? Head to Pornhub’s full yearly breakdown for more cheeky details and insights.

Pornhub’s 2016 Year in Review on Pornhub Insights

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